Zipper Purse (11 Inch Strap)

Rs 804.00

Momiji natural is a washable and reusable menstrual pad made of 100% cotton fabric. Thus, Momiji natural can be used many times by washing and you don't have to throw or destroy your pads after every use.

The material of the surface of Momiji natural is 100% cotton flannel, so it can avoid your body from getting cold, while making you feel comfortable always.

While Momiji natural pads are different from other disposable pads, they are still convenient because they have high absorbent power and portability even after use.

Using Momiji natural is about ten times cheaper than using disposable pads. You can save 90% of the money you spend on the disposable pads per month.

Momiji natural lasts more than 3-5 years by normal use. You can comfortably use them over and over again by washing after every use. The more you use and wash it, the more it will fit your body.
When the surface is damaged or you feel absorbency reduction, it's then time to renew your pads.

Momiji natural is highly degradable because it is made of 100% cotton fabric. More importantly, since it is washable and reusable, you don't need to throw or destroy them causing environment pollution.


  • Easy to carry your folded Momiji natural Small / Medium/ Large pads compactly
  • Can keep new & used pads separately in two chambers
  • Safety waterproof lining inside with an outside pocket
  • Folded Size: W16 x H12.5cm with 11" Strap
  • Color: Aqua Dots / Floral Mandarin
  • Materials: 100% printed cotton fabric, Rubber-coated polyester waterproof and YKK or same quality metal zipper