Vigour - 30 Capsules Pack

Rs 1,080.00

Natural & Safe Strength & Fertility for Men

The major sexual debilities experienced by men have been identified below:

  1. Lack of sexual desire
  2. Erectile dysfunction
  3. Premature ejaculation
  4. Lack of libido (low count of seminal fluid)
  5. Lack of pleasure gland

Vajikarana Thanthra of Ayurveda has identified the botanical species prevailing in nature with medicinal properties capable in nourishing the internal organs of the body responsible for the proper maintenance of the sexual functions. The main systems that control sexual functions comprises of the brain, nervous system and the hormone system, without proper synchronization of these three systems, an individual cannot expect a healthy sexual performance.

The brain, nervous system and hormonal systems are the systems comprising of the vital organs in the body which control the sexual function of a person. A minor deficiency in these three systems reflects as sexual inadequacy. Further these are the main systems responsible for the other chronic debilities during the aging process. It is a known fact that a strong love life brings in a happier relationship.

Vigor is the only natural remedy which has been invented in the history of the world to date for eliminating the above mentioned sexual inadequacies and help maintain a healthy and satisfactory sexual life without adverse side effects which are very much evident and admitted by the manufacturers even in all the chemical drugs.


  • Amukkara
  • Waduru Mea
  • Hathawariya Ala
  • Kiribadu Ala
  • Binthal Ala
  • Neeamulliya
  • Sadikka
  • Akrapatta
  • Welpenela
  • Guggul