Turmeric Extract- 60 capsules

Rs 4,750.00
Ancient Nutraceuticals Turmeric Extract is a Combination of Curcumin Extract and Turmeric powder with Black Pepper Extract to ensure maximum effectiveness in the domains of Arthritis, Anxiety / Depression, and inflammatory conditions. Relief of Joint Pain: Reduces symptoms of osteoarthritis and may regenerate cartilage.
Improvement of memory retention and learning.
Piperine from Black Pepper helps in transporting the benefits of Curcumin to different parts of the body, maximizing its efficiency and accessibility to our system.   
Take 1 capsule with a meal, up to 2 capsules a day.
Storage - Store in a cool/dry place
Turmeric Powder - 385mg
Curcumin Extract 95% - 200mg
Black Pepper Extract - 15mg

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