Organic Turmeric With Black Pepper - 60 Capsules

Rs 900.00

This fantastic new pure Organic Turmeric is an American formula and research backed 100% organic and natural detoxifier. It's tested and recommended by Professionals.

Natural anti-inflammatory agent, improves heart health and is recommended for anyone who wants to increase immune health

What is Tumeric?
Turmeric is used as a major ingredient of ayurvedic medicine and Chinese
medicine for over 5000 years. By following our ancestors, these capsules
are carefully manufactured from 100% organically grown Turmeric in Sri Lanka.

But Why Turmeric?
As one of the strongest natural anti-septic, Turmeric helps your body to fight
diseases and has the ability to repair the damages without side effects. It
also can lower the risk of heart diseases and even help prevent cancer as

How Turmeric works?
The main active ingredient of Turmeric is a strong anti-oxidant known as
Curcumin which has strong anti-inflammatory properties.

Recommended dosage
Take 1 Capsule with a Meal up to 4 Capsules a day

Why US?

Raw Materials used in Ancient Nutraceuticals’ products are processed
under FSSC & ISO 22000 conditions, are Organic Certified by USDA & EU
Organic for its purity, are steam sterilized as a treatment against unwanted
microorganisms and processed to perfection to ensure maximum results for
its consumers. 

This ensures the best Results from the Product and 100% satisfaction

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