Tea tree Moisturizing Face Mist - 100ml

Rs 400.00


Aqua, Glycerin, Tea tree oil, Lavender fragrance oil, Vitamin E

There is nothing quite like a little face mist to help rejuvenate and assist on waking up in the morning. ..

Use a facial mist under your usual moisturizer to increase absorption
get the most out of it by hydrating the skin. A tip, use it right after you hop out of the shower. ..

We recommend using face mist before applying makeup however you can use it to undo that thick makeup finish.

Realised you went a little overboard on the makeup? Well rather than wiping it all off and starting again spray your mist over the top and do a little damage control on those problem area. Tap with your finger to blend and work in the excess layers for a more natural finish. ..

Give your makeup a refresh.
There is nothing worse than going from work to lunch with stale makeup. Or worse, adding more makeup to already old makeup. A facial mist gives a new lease on life to your makeup and makes its easier to add to it and blend in. ..

Keep your skin hydrated.
Keep a face mist in your handbag, at the office. Face mist is like drinking water. If you feel really thirsty then you’re already dehydrated, and same goes for dry skin continue hydrating for supple skin, one of the best ways to fight the signs of aging.


Something that started off as an after-school hobby, grew gradually to now become a successful business- Aurelia Soapworks, which allows Vishal to combine his talent for creating products from scratch with his passion for natural, eco-friendly products. Passionate about experimenting from a young age and making things the traditional way, soap making came very naturally to him and he’s never looked back!   


Committed to leaving out all chemicals from his range of products, Vishal opted to create his natural soap by replacing glycerin as a base with a combination of five oils in his shampoo bars and four oils in bath soaps- coconut oil, olive oil, vegetable oil and castor oil.


 Aurelia Soapworks is a Sri Lankan company dedicated to providing high-quality and handcrafted cosmetics at a fair price. Their bath soap is air cured for 6 weeks on wooden racks to ensure a harder bar and luxurious lather. Ingredients are directly sourced from a network of local suppliers, and the soap is wrapped in biodegradable packaging.                                                                                     

Their product line also includes Beard Oil, Sugar Scrub, Moisturizing Face Oil, Moisturizing Face Mist