Shine Natural Facemask - 75g

Rs 1,200.00
All natural, cruelty free, vegan skincare. We believe in clean beauty, extracted from nature, handcrafted and customized to enhance your skin. Let nature nourish your skin and make you shine. 

“Shine” is the go-to face mask to give the skin a boost. It brightens the skin making it glow from the first use. It evens skin tone and fades sun tans. It also reduces hyperpigmentation & helps fight acne 

Besan, soya beans, licorice root, sandalwood, turmeric

How To Use
Mix in one teaspoon of product into water, honey, or milk to make a creamy paste. Apply facemask on clean face, rinse after 15 mins. 

Store in cool dry place, away from direct sunlight. Keep away from dampness and moisture. 

Shelf Life
5Months from  Date of Manufacture

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