Raw Brown Flax Seeds 500g

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Brown flax seeds are rich in fibre and essential fatty acids. Flax seeds are a product of the flax plant (Linum usitatissimum) and contain numerous beneficial components including Palmitic, Stearic, Arachidic and Oleic fatty acids (Omega 3). Perhaps the most important of these fatty acid components is Linoleic and alpha-Linolenic acid.

Flax seeds are most popularly used to add fibre to a diet. Once ground, which can be done using a pestle and mortar, can be used in baking to add nutrition. Flaxseed can also be used to create an egg replacer for vegan baking. Simply add 2-3 tbsp of warm water to 1 tbsp flaxseed and leave for 5 minutes. This is equal to one egg.
Benefits of brown flax seeds

High in fibre
Rich in fatty acids
Easy to add into your daily diet

How to use 

Can be eaten whole, sprinkled on muesli, fried, or baked in biscuits or bread. Guideline: 3-6 teaspoons per day.

How to store 

Store in a cool dry place away from sunlight.

Shelf life 

12 months

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