Granola : Nutty 600g

Rs 2,000.00

A healthy cereal but oh so crispy, crunchy & nutty! These are perfect packed into little jars to have at your desk or on the go. The recommended serving size is 100-150g, but hey we won’t judge! The dips & SPREADS granola has a unique texture and taste; with a wide variety of available flavors, ranging from our signature Nutty granola, to our newest Fruit & Nut. Granola is known for its high fiber ingredients such as oats, nuts & seeds. These also contribute to the health properties that granola offers such as gut health improvement, reduction of cholesterol levels & blood sugar, and many antioxidants. 

Try this topped with milk or yogurt, some fruit, & a drizzle of honey. Or better still try it full on Sri Lankan style with a load of Kiri & Pani. Yummo!

Rolled Oats, Almonds, Cashews, Coconut, Chia/Sunflower/Pumpkin seeds, Spices


Shelf Life
4 months from MFD