Neuro Relief- 30 Capsules

Rs 1,150.00

"Neuro Relief" provides a remedy for nerve related disorders using extracts of rare natural herbs and it is scientifically and clinically proven as effective in curing nerve related disorders where chemical drugs have limited success but create unpredictable adverse effects.

Relieves disorders and cures ailments related to the debilities of Nerve System such as diabetes Neuropathy, Parkinsonism, Alzheimer Disease, Memory Loss, Headache, Ringing in t he Ears, Vertigo, Dizziness, Difficulty Concentrating, Mood Disturbances, Hearing Disorders and Paralysis.

"Neuro Relief" is safe for taking regularly for a long duration as against chemical drugs and free from adverse effects since the product is 100% natural and botanical based.


  • Maiden Hair Tree
  • Wadadru Ma
  • Amukkara
  • Gotukola
  • Lunuvila