Mistral Face Cleanser- 100ml

Rs 600.00

Limewater is loaded with an antioxidant that helps keep skin nourished and hydrated and together with Sesame vegetable oil-which is rich in unsaturated and antioxidant essential fatty acids. This cleanser is regenerating, moisturizing, restructuring and nourishing!

It's important to clean your face morning and evening to remove sebum, perspiration, some pollution, dead cells (during the night). All this mixture sticks to the skin, so you need a cleanser that takes off but does not scrape the skin. The liniment/fluid is a kind of soap that peel off the impurities stuck to the skin and dissolves them.


Apply morning and evening, with your fingers and make circular movements from the bottom to the top of the face, and around your eyes. After one minute rinse with soap and water
When it is used as makeup remover, provided to apply an acidic tonic to compensate for the alkalinity of the oleo-limestone liniment. 

  • Shake well before use
  • Can be used as makeup remover or face cleanser for morning and/or evening
  • 100% natural


Limewater, Sesame Oil and Vitamin E