Lemon Peel Essential Oil - 10 ml

Rs 520.00


The health benefits of Lemon Peel Essential Oil has been well established . Lemon is best known for its ability to cleanse toxins from the body and it's widely used to stimulate lymphatic drainage, rejuvenate energy, purify skin, and fight bacteria and fungi.

Lemon Peel Oil is indeed one of the most essential oils to have on hand, as it can be used for so many purposes, from a natural teeth whitener, household cleaner and laundry freshener, to a mood booster and nausea reliever. You are covering a lot of ground with this one bottle of essential oil!

We import Lemon Peel oil from India. Supported with ISO certifications and USFDA certification.

Lemon oil is non toxic, non irritant, non allergic. Skin patch test is required before apply to avoid issues with hyper sensitive skins.


  • Apply on skin with a preferred carrier oil to delay aging your skin
  • Apply on hair with a hair oil or any suitable carrier oil to enhance the hair growth
  • Pleasant aroma when used with diffusers
  • When inhaled with steam (1 drop) it eases breathing
  • Adding several drops of LPEO into the final rinse of clothes when washing creates a pleasant smell in your clothes


100% Pure & Authentic Citrus limon oil