Joint Relief - 30 Capsules Pack

Rs 1,150.00

"Join Relief" was assigned to carry out the task of developing a natural medicine for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and sciatica. No successful chemical medicines have been developed for these diseases, up to date, even though huge sums of money have been spent for research and development works by the chemical medicines industry. We are happy and proud to announce that the research team was successful in designing a formula for combating these three unfortunate diseases using 100% natural botanical ingredients.

Standardized water-soluble extracts of rare and valuable botanical species picked up from South American Amazon rain forest, Ayurveda and Traditional medicine systems have been used for the formulation of Joint Relief. Scientific studies carried out by various research institutions have established that these botanical species are highly efficacious in combating those diseases and further they are 100% free from side effects.

It is a known fact that there are no chemical medicines for the curing or controlling of these diseases in the chemical medical regime other than relieving pains and inflammations on a temporary basis.

The disadvantage and danger in using chemical medicines for a long duration is that the adverse effects they create in various organs of the body lead to cancer and many other deadly diseases.

It is always safer to use a 100% natural medicine, Joint Relief, against chemical medicines due to the safety and efficacy of the product. Joint Relief can help reduce inflammations, pain and deformity in joints due to Arthritis and back and leg pain due to Sciatica.

According to interpretation in Ayurveda, this disease is developed as a result of long-term effect of a metabolic disorder. Metabolic disorders cannot be cures by chemical medicines since there are no chemicals to rectify the metabolic function completely. Natural botanical ingredients such as herbs, spices and condiments can help rectify metabolic disorder by stimulating t he organs and secretions in the digestive tract. It is not possible simply to treat this complicated metabolic disorder by a single chemical contained in chemical drugs other than temporarily relieving the pain.


  • Cats Claw
  • Kaha
  • Kundirikkan
  • Mahudu Kakiri
  • Fish shell, natural glucosamine