Natural Heenbovitiya - 60 Capsules

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This fantastic new pure Organic Heen bovitiya is an ayurvedic formula and Research backed 100% Natural. Natural Liver Support Supplement Tested & recommended by professionals

Promotes Kidney Health, Reduces Cholesterol and fights Hemorrhoids.

Heenbovitiya! What is it??
A very rare and endemic to Sri Lanka, Heenbovitiya has been using to treat a
bulk load of diseases including diabetes, hepatitis, hemorrhoids and liver
disorders in traditional Sri Lankan medicine.

But Why Heenbovitiya ?
Heenbovitiya has the power to cure the liver damages by protecting liver
cells and it gives more energy to the liver to do the job that the liver has.
Furthermore, it has the ability to lower your blood sugar level.

How Heenbovitiya works?
Heenbovitiya has a power of cure the liver damages by protecting liver cells
and it gives the energy to function the liver effectively. Heenbovitiya has
chemicals to detoxifies chemicals and metabolizes drugs.

This product is for those who has liver damages and to improve the
functioning process of the liver.

Recommended dosage
Each capsule consist 450mg of Heen bovitiya plant powder. Take 1 Capsule
with a meal up to 3 Capsules a day.

 Why US???

Raw Materials used in Ancient Nutraceuticals’ products are processed
under FSSC & ISO 22000 conditions, are Organic Certified by USDA & EU
Organic for its purity, are steam sterilized as a treatment against unwanted
microorganisms and processed to perfection to ensure maximum results for
its consumers. 

This ensures the best Results from the Product and 100%

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