DIY Kombucha Kit

Rs 3,400.00

An age old drink made with fermented tea, Kombucha is packed with healthy probiotics that clean your gut and digestive system.

It’s health benefits include natural probiotics that kill harmful bacteria, support digestion and give you a dose of antioxidants. 

This starter kit includes everything to get you started on your very first batch of Kombucha!

What’s Inside Your Just Goodness Starter Kit?

  1. 1 Glass jars for brewing (1 liter)
  2. 1 Air tight glass bottle for storage (1 litre)
  3. 1 Packet organic Ceylon tea bags
  4. 1 SCOBY with kombucha (stored in 250ml glass jar)
  5. 1 Packet coconut sugar (200g)
  6. 2 Rubber bands
  7. 1 Cotton cloth
  8.  Complete user manual with instructions, tips and trouble shooting

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