Diabetes Relief - 30 Capsules Pack

Rs 1,080.00

"Diabetes Relief" has been successfully designed and developed by the research and development team of Janolan Nature as a natural remedy for the prevention, management and finally cure of Diabetes based on the traditionally accumulated knowledge in the systems of medicines prevailing in the world.

It has now been understood that Diabetes is a metabolic disorder syndrome where carbohydrate and sugar eaten with food are not properly metabolized or digested and as a result the undigested components reflect as extra sugar in the blood resulting an individual to become a diabetic.

The major components of food we consume consists of carbohydrate and sugar which are responsible for providing energy for day to day fuel in our life. Inability in proper digestion of these two major components within the digestive tract results exceeding the healthy level of sugar in the blood. The worlds oldest natural medicinal systems namely Ayurveda and Traditional Medicine systems have identified a vast number of botanical plants containing ingredients which can stimulate the metabolic process within the digestive tract, preventing the increase of sugar levels in blood.

This has been developed by research studies carried out based on the knowledge in Ayurveda and the Traditional Chinese Medicine for stimulating the metabolic function to complete the digestion of carbohydrate and sugars within the digestive tract preventing the increase of sugar levels in blood. 


  • Mabadda
  • Kothalahimbuta
  • Karavila
  • Madan
  • Kurundu