Save and Snack for 6 Months!

Rs 19,092.00

Don't worry about your delicious snacks for half the year! Enjoy a box of delicious healthy snacks delivered every month for 6 months! 

  • Price includes a 7% discount
  •  Free shipping
  • Delicious box of healthy goodies delivered for you and your family to enjoy
  • We're SO sure you're going to LOVE this, that we're even offering a money back guarantee if you're not satisfied! 

What's included in the June 2020 box?

  • 2 Jars of mouth watering peri peri Hummus
  • 5 delicious dark chocolate and oat cookies
  • 2 bags of crispy kitul coconut chips
  • Box of 3 peanut kitul energy balls
  • Box of 3 pistachio energy balls
  • 1 jar of crunchy almond and dark chocolate granola
  • 1 immunity booster cold-pressed juice shot

How it works?

 Our snack subscription was developed for busy human's that are trying to eat healthier. Everyone needs a little support to snack better and our boxes were developed for just that! Get a box of healthy snacks delivered from all your favourite local restaurants teamed up into 1 delicious box of goodness delivered once a  month!

You can order our Trial Me for a Month box where you can have 1 trial box delivered. You can also sign up for 3 months, where you pay for 3 months in advance (price inclusive of a 7% discount). Be surprised with a delicious box of goodies delivered to you for 3 months straight without having the inconvenience of ordering monthly or forgetting to order. We also have a 6 months subscription where you can pay upfront for 6 months (price includes a 14% discount) and have a yummy box delivered for half the year! 


All boxes are delivered during the first week of every month!

Be surprised in July, August, September, October AND November with a new box delivered on the 1st week of every month!