Coconut Chip & Kithul Treacle Granola - 400g

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All our granolas are tailored to celebrate our local Sri Lankan flavours & goodness.
They are slow-baked with coconut oil to conserve the nutritional benefits of all ingredients and instead of refined sugars, we use Kithul treacle to provide a mild
sweetness, but also has a myriad of health-promoting minerals, anti-oxidants and amino-acids.

oats, coconut, kithul treacle, coconut oil, holy basil seeds, vanilla essence, seasalt 

How To Use 
Eat me with some plant-milk, a bowl of coconut yoghurt, fresh juice, sprinkle me on desserts, or dry-snack me - anytime of day - the options are endless!

No special storage. Store in a dry place out of direct sunlight

Shelve Life
6 months from date of manufacture 

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