Black Magic (Charcoal Peel Off Mask) - 100g

Rs 1,716.00

Made of Natural Medical Grade Activated Carbon (a form of carbon processed to have small, low-volume pores) and Food Grade Collagen (a source of protein that promotes healthy and clear skin) to keep your skin feeling silky all day long.


  • Draws bacteria, toxins, chemicals, dirt, oil, and other micro-particles to the surface of the skin. It then absorbs those foreign substances and carries them away when you rinse the charcoal off your face.
  • Extracts impurities, while detoxifying your pores.
  • Soothes skin and locks in moisture.



  • Clean and steam your face (mandatory).
  • Take 10 g and mix with 15 ml boiling water.
  • Achieve a honey like consistency. If it solidifies too soon, add more boiling water or melt again in a double boiler (you can reuse remaining mask if u make extra using the same double boiling method).
  • Apply on your face avoiding the eyebrows and the hair line.
  • Apply a thick layer in circular motion.
  • Let it dry through completely; paper like feeling to the touch and not cold.
  • Remove from outside (neck, ears hairline) to inside (directly towards the nose).
  • Ice the face to close opened pores.
  • Use Aloe-Vera gel or a mild moisturizer.
  • Avoid excessive exposure to the sun light and hot water for 48 hours at least.
  • As your skin is clean, try to avoid any chemical based products for at least 3 days. Instead use rose water or aloe gel.
  • Also if you have sensitive skin or never removed facial hair; its best to use a hydrocortisone 1% cream.


  • Medical Grade Activated Carbon and Food Grade Collagen


  • Do not use metal utensils.
  • If it gets really thin and won't cover the skin with one application; make the mask a little thicker by adding more powder into the mix.
  • Store the powder in an air tight jar.


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Kiseki specializes in personal care products and accessories that support holistic conscious living and are free of toxins and synthetic additives that are harmful to humans and the environment. They offer menstrual cups that reduce waste and pollution, charcoal masks, face packs, eye and lip balm, hard wax for hair removal, baby wraps, and chakra bracelets. The name Kiseki comes from the Japanese word for miracle.

Kiseki products are manufactured using food grade and 100% natural ingredients, offering you a natural alternative, so you can make those necessary lifestyle changes. Our products have no added chemicals or preservatives and no side effects unless you have an allergy to certain essential oils.

Holistic living consists of bringing harmony and balance to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions of all living things, beyond the self. We have been conditioned through advertising to use a lot of chemical based products containing toxins harmful for human consumption. Take a moment read the ingredients on the back of any product you use and you will see how many harmful chemicals linked to various health issues are added.

One small conscious effort at a time is all you need to begin the journey of inner and outer change. Just know that there are better things that don't come with a warning label. Nature always works in our favor. The moment you make that decision to go natural a "Kiseki" will happen.