Bamboo Toothbrush

Rs 275.00

Looking for ways to go plastic free in your bathroom for you and your kids? Our  bamboo toothbrushes are the easiest stepping stone to a zero waste adventure for them. These eco friendly bamboo toothbrushes are made from 100% bamboo, and the bristles are made from Nylon. The medium soft bristles on this toothbrush will ensure that your teeth are brushed effectively while protecting your gums. 

Bamboo is a highly sustainable, eco-friendly material, which is naturally BPA-free and greatly reduces plastic waste in our everyday life. So it only makes sense to swap out a plastic toothbrush for an Eco Kadé bamboo toothbrush!

Why choose a bamboo toothbrush?

  • The handle is made from 100% bamboo which is a fast growing resource. It is also biodegradable, plastic free and sustainable
  • The medium soft Nylon bristles will ensure that even your back teeth are brushed properly (we tested them firsthand before rolling them out to the masses)! 

How do I care for my bamboo toothbrush?

Pretty much like a regular plastic toothbrush! Replace every three months or so or when the bristles look tired.

Once your bamboo toothbrush is on its last legs, just snap its head off and add the handle to your compost. Since its made from bamboo it will biodegrade eventually, returning back from where it came from. 

Check your local recycling plants if they will accept the head of your bamboo toothbrush containing the Nylon bristles and recycle that too if possible.

The packaging contains a silica gel packet inside

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