Bamboo Straw

Rs 275.00

This product is a Zero Waste product. Part of a initiative to reduce pollution of non-reusable and biodegradable packaged products. All products listed as Zero Waste have no labelling and are sold wholesale at the Zero Waste Store and are supplied by the same vetted community of suppliers. For more information on this initiative, please call 0776558994.

Replace single use plastic straws with our all natural bamboo straws. No inks, no dyes and more importantly no plastic straws in landfills!

Made from 100% bamboo and nothing else these lightweight straws are the perfect finishing touch to add to your drinks! Once these straws have served their term simply toss them in the compost bin and they will completely degrade.

These straws are manufactured and packaged in a fair trade environment.


Length: 215mm

Diameter: 10mm (approx.)

Why choose bamboo straws?

  • Made from all natural bamboo
  • No BPA/chemical and dye free
  • Suitable for hot and cold beverages
  • Bio degradable

How do I care for my bamboo straws?

Rinse and dry thoroughly after use. They are dishwasher safe however, your straws will last longer if you hand wash them.

It helps to use a cleaning brush to ensure that your straws are thoroughly cleaned.

To disinfect and clean your straws – boil with white vinegar and water (ratio 1 unit of vinegar to 20 units of water) for 10 minutes.

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