All Natural Lavender Handwash

Rs 800.00

Keep your dishes pristine with powerful, natural cleansers that cut through grease without leaving any chemical residue! While being gentle on your hands, this dishwash liquid helps to keep your kitchenware clean and smell great!

No Environmental Impact:
Have you ever thought that while you use to hand wash soaps contains tallow, laurel sulfates, parables, artificial fragrance, and colors that also contaminate the environment? Through drains, these chemicals enter into the rivers causing harm to every living thing around it. The Justgoodness hand wash on the other hand has natural ingredients that come from nature and when going in drain they don’t cause any damage or pollution.


Spring Water, Sunflower Oil, Coconut Oil, Saponified Oil, Borax (Salt), Sodium Chloride and Lime Essential Oil




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