Activated Carbon - 60 Capsules

Rs 1,250.00

This fantastic new pure Organic Activated Carbon  American Formula and Research backed 100% Organic &  Natural Detoxifier Tested & Recommended by Professionals!! Can Help with your Digestion, for Oral Care and as a
Natural Poison Treatment.

Activated Carbon! What is it??
100% Organic natural Activated carbon is made from coconut shells (Cocos
nucifera) as raw materials. These are activated by processing at high

But Why Activated Carbon?
As a natural detoxifier, Activated carbon can be used to treat emergency
poisonings due to drug overdoses. Also, it can improve your kidney
functions as well. With the addition of activated carbon to tooth brushing, it
helps to whiten your tooth and further removes germs in your mouth.

How Activated Carbon works?
The trick of Activated Carbon is that its negatively charged porous texture
has the ability to absorb all the negatively charged toxin chemicals and
gases in your gut. Then those are cleared away as feces out of your body
because Activated Carbon is not absorbed by your body.
That means your kidneys have less work to do...

This product is for those who are really concern about health, to stay away
from illnesses.

Recommended dosage
Take 1 Capsule After meal 4 time daily as needed for Flatulence.

Why US???

Raw Materials used in Ancient Nutraceuticals’ products are processed
under FSSC & ISO 22000 conditions, are Organic Certified by USDA & EU
Organic for its purity, are steam sterilized as a treatment against unwanted
microorganisms and processed to perfection to ensure maximum results for
its consumers. 

This ensures the best Results from the Product and 100%

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