When Jonathan first started 3x3 Granola with his mother, it originally began as a personal endeavour to eat more healthy  and to live a better lifestyle. He then found granola- healthy and affordable! Making his own mixtures rather than using store bought, 3x3 Granola soon took off when more and more people were trying it out, leading to them accepting orders and soon- 3x3 Granola was here to stay!




3x3 Granola produces small-batch  granola in Sri Lanka from all natural ingredients. The name comes from their original blend of 3 fruits, 3 seeds, and 3 nuts. They also offer a peanut butter and almond granola including their original granola containing a mix of dried fruits and nuts. Which started out as a family business now provides employment to more women and other disadvantaged groups to help improve employment  and empowerment from local suppliers to in house employment to help with production as well as product development.


Committed to reducing plastic waste. They sell in reusable glass jars and  paper refill packs. Vegan options are   available upon request.