Pure Henna Powder - Mehendi - 75 g

Rs 450.00

Henna powder is antibacterial, anti-fungal and astringent in nature, therefore can be used to treat Burns, Wounds, Fungal Infections, Dandruff, Hair Loss, Mouth Ulcers & Blisters, Oral Thrush, Infected Swellings & Inflammations, Treats excessive sweat, Strengthens Nails & Hair while Promoting Hair Growth, Removes Excess Heat & Oil from Scalp and is commonly used to dye hair/ skin/ nails.


For Fungal Infections / Thrush:

Make into paste with biological vinegar & apply. Leave covered to dry overnight.

For Hair & Skin Care:

Make into a paste by mixing a desired amount with lemon juice & leave overnight to release the dye. Section your hair & apply including the roots with henna brush. Wrap well with cling film or shower cap. Leave on hair for 2-4 hours prior to rinsing off.