Anti Cellulite Massage Oil- 50ml

Rs 1,150.00

This fabulous massage oil is a traditional infusion of natural ginger, orange, black pepper and castor oil. All of which are used for anti-cellulite treatments all over the world.

No artificial colors, fragrances or animal ingredients


  • Massage fairly vigorously with strong movements
  • Dilute with a base oil if required


  • Store away from children and pets
  • This product is not edible


Pure Coconut Oil, Castor, Ginger, Black Pepper, Orange Oil, Tree Turmeric and Eramusu


In 2014 Dila Weerasinghe, an ardent believer and evangelist of holistic living took over Healing Island - a start up in Colombo focused on creating eco friendly spa and wellness products.

Healing Island goes to great lengths to ensure that their extensive range of products have no fillers, zero chemicals (parabens, sulphates etc) and are made completely from natural ingredients that are ethically sourced locally and internationally!

As true nature warriors, Healing Island handcrafts all products in Sri Lanka using recipes formulated by an ayurvedic guru and these recipes have worked for 20 years. Sticking with Dila’s commitment to empower women in rural communities, all packaging and labels used for their products are also either outsourced to small businesses or made in house by the Healing Island team with recyclable materials sourced locally.

Dila’s main focus is to create awareness on the importance of choosing natural products and slowly, but surely introduce new products that are the natural version of many popular products - the same benefits just minus the toxins!