Pure Kithul Palm Jaggery - 300g

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A selected mellow, young palm sap, hand-picked and condensed through the application of heat to form a creamy smooth semi-solid paste is known as “Madol Hakuru” – a rare refined recipe that results in a culinary experience unlike any other – this form of Jaggery is pure, natural and laborious to make. Until now, lost from tradition and confined to a privileged few, is restored and recovered from archaic documents. Madol is dark and rich in colour, and has a musky aroma with a gentle pliable texture that is easily masticated by elders in their consumption of Kthul Palm Jaggery as a substitute natural sweetener in coffee and tea. Jaggery pairs well with freshly ground coconut, coconut cream and banana and is routinely added in the preparation of local delicacies during the festivities and a standard temple offering by the Sinhalese and the Hindus.

Since its constitution is pure unblended sap MH requires refrigeration - but do not crystallize even at low temperatures making it the ideal ready-to-eat soft form of sweetener. The sweet syrup (toddy) is particularly collected from naturally occurring sources – such as found in rain forest or primary jungles above 1000m elevation. The rich soil adds to the high mineral, iron and folate content including essential vitamins – B1 and C. Its’ used extensively as a medicinal component in local indigenous medicine known as “Hela Wedakama”, the low Glycemic Index (>35) is proven to reduce the risk of diabetes. Jaggery is also a prime source of dietary fibre with probiotics that aids in digestion and has a general cooling effect on the body. It has been recorded in the annals of history where Jaggery was given with Conjee to children during periods of drought for the prevention of malnourishment.

Pure Kithul Jaggery

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