Peppermint, Lime & Citronella Soap - 85g

Rs 450.00

Best for Oily/combination skin

Revive & Rejuvenate Soap Bar -the essential oil collection in this luxurious soap bar has remarkable cellular stimulation properties which heals and strengthens the epidermis leaving skin looking younger, healthier. It also helps to control sebum secretions in the skin, helping to balance an oily complexion. This ingredient combo is also great at reducing the appearance of scars, dark spots, age spots, wrinkles and improving the overall appearance of skin, giving you that healthy glow that we all crave. The citronella oil will help minimize pores, and tighten loose skin, again helping skin to feel revived and rejuvenated. Oh and this soap is also very helpful on those long walks in nature to keep those pesky insects at bay.

Water, Palm oil, Coconut Oil, Sunflower oil, Castor oil, Ground Coffee and essentials oils -Benzoin & Sweet Orange

Shelve Life - 12 Months

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