Tea Tree Moisturizing Face Mist - 100 ml

Rs 400.00

There is nothing quite like a little face mist to help rejuvenate and assist on waking up in the morning (a tip- use it right after you hop out of the shower). Keeping a bottle of face mist in your handbag, at the office or wherever you go is a must- just to keep your skin hydrated, which is also one of the best ways to fight signs of aging!

Using a little mist before applying your makeup is recommended or even giving a small spritz to your already existing makeup to give it a refreshed new look! It also helps if you need to do a little damage control with your makeup- just a little spray of mist on the problem areas and you're good as new! 


Aqua, Glycerin, Tea Tree Oil, Lavender Fragrance Oil, Vitamin E


His passion for experieVishal founded Aurelia Soapworks after heAurelia Soapworks is a Sri Lankan company dedicated to providing high-quality and handcrafted cosmetics at a fair price as they source their ingredients directly from a network of local suppliers, thereby supporting many local vendors and empowering them to grow as well.

All their products are made while keeping environmental welfare in mind as all their soaps are wrapped in biodegradable and recycled packaging. 



Their soaps are  created from scratch with no added chemicals or toxic ingredients. Created by replacing glycerin as a base with a combination of five oils in their shampoo bars and four oils in bath soaps- Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Vegetable Oil and Castor Oil. Products and ingredients have not been tested on animals


Their product line also includes Beard Oil, Sugar Scrub, Moisturizing Face Oil, Moisturizing Face Mists