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Zulfiquar ahamad


After working at some of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the country for
several years, Zulfiquar Ahamad opted to take an early retirement that he hoped
would give him a well-earned relaxing break, but instead he ended up doing a lot
more than he intended when he discovered the power of natural remedies and
holistic healing!

First introduced to naturopathy and inspired to live a greener life by his daughter,
Zulfiquar used his newly found spare time to dig deeper into the world of alternative medicine and soon realised that there was much more than western pharmaceuticals involved in the successful treatment of numerous ailments - most of which he never believed in to begin with!

“When my wife’s sister discovered she had lung cancer, I started researching into
the natural treatment of cancer and it was then that I first came across Rick Simpson Oil - a cannabis oil product developed by Rick Simpson, a Canadian medical marijuana activist” explained Zulfiquar. The more Zulfiquar read about the health benefits of cannabis oil, the more convinced he was that Sri Lanka needed this mind-blowing, all natural product!

“Researchers have found that cannabidiol also known as CBD oil and CBD hemp oil is one of the most beneficial elements in cannabis and this powerful non-psychoactive compound has numerous wellness benefits that include anti-
inflammatory health benefits, but all without affecting your state of mind as it does
not contain sufficient tetrahydrocannabino (THC) which is the mind-altering compound in cannabis that gives you a high” further explained Zulfiquar.

Some of the most popular health benefits associated with CBD oil is the reduction in symptoms linked to cancer and the side effects related to chemotherapy like nausea, vomiting, lack of appetite and pain - it may even have cancer fighting properties as one study has shown that it led to a drop in the number of breast cancer cells in mice. It has also been associated with the effective treatment of symptoms related to epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease and may reduce the progression of Alzheimer’s disease (research supported through test-tube and animal studies). Apart from these, it has also been used for the treatment of a range disorders from severe acne and sleep disorders, to anxiety and even autism.

Convinced by the sheer number of wellness benefits associated with this simple plant, Zulfiquar started actively looking into ways to bring it down to Sri Lanka.
Though he was faced with numerous challenges that included getting the product
approved by the Health Ministry of Sri Lanka, Zulfiquar kept at it and finally was able to have the product approved as an import one and a half years later. Unfortunately by this time his sister in law had already passed away as they were unable to get her access to the product, but Zulfiquar thought that if he could help at least one person all the time he spent on the process would not be a waste and he went ahead with importing the product.

After spending a lot of time researching and speaking with many medical experts,
Zulfiquar decided on becoming the distributor of Premium Hemp Extract
manufactured by The Medics which is truly All American from the hemp plants used to the CBD oil extraction process and the manufacture of the product - it is
completely all natural, organic and has no artificial preservatives, colours or ingredient. While the product is prescribed by some doctors in Sri Lanka now,
Zulfiquar has found that the majority of customer base are either repeat customers or those who have discovered CBD through their own research or word of mouth.

While Sri Lanka has in fact become more knowledgeable about the benefits of living a healthier, greener lifestyle, not enough people are willing to look past the social stigma associated with cannabis in Sri Lanka and actually do their own research to understand how effective CBD oil is! Having said that, Zulfiquar does find that more people are becoming aware of it now via social media and he is always open to answering questions that anyone may have to help raise awareness and understanding of CBD in Sri Lankans aware.

If you’re already convinced on the benefits of CBD oil, you’ll be happy to know that Zulfiquar’s company XMedz Lanka will be expanding their range of CBD products with a host of new additions, along with several other natural products and will have them available for sale on the Just Goodness platform soon.


"All I want to do is make a difference where it matters most. Generally, people make the product the main focus, but I don’t want my products to be the hero of the story - I want the patients to be the hero!"

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