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Tired of not being able to find all natural products that didn’t harm the environment with their packaging or formulations, Sion set out on a mission to create products that were not only good for us, but less harmful for the environment than other conventional products. Founded in 2015 to bridge this gap in the market, Moonshadow provides an array of natural products from laundry detergent and dishwashing soap to bath soap, essential oils, deodorant crystals and much more that are affordable, as well as eco-friendly with primarily biodegradable packaging- exactly the way Sion envisioned it to be!

“I think it’s important to realize that we can buy a “good” product which may be all natural and biodegradable, but what’s the point if the packaging is going to last five centuries and contribute to the degradation of our planet? There are plenty of people who opt to purchase organic shampoo in a plastic bottle and ignore the repercussions of doing this, while those very same people would be completely against purchasing an organic tomato wrapped in plastic,” explained Sion. As consumers we need to really pay attention to the products we purchase, read the ingredients and look at the packaging of all our products to identify how a minute detail of our lives can impact the environment with serious consequences!

While more Sri Lankans are becoming aware of the importance of using products that are free of harmful chemicals and ingredients you can’t even pronounce to protect yourself from serious health risks, there is still not enough public awareness on the impact these products can carry on the environment. There’s more to this world than just us humans and while using soaps and detergents filled with harmful chemicals to keep our bodies and clothes clean is considered acceptable, we turn a blind eye to how the soapy water full of parabens, synthetic fragrance, phosphates and more can affect the environment when it leaves our
homes and enters the watershed.

Motivated to provide consumers with an alternative, Moonshadow’s eco-friendly range of products are completely natural being shelf stable with no chemical preservatives, fillers, fragrance or detergents used and are formulated through a long process of research, testing and exploration of ingredients to create a product that is pure, botanical and fresh. Opting to keep the Moonshadow product line small and limited to products that can be developed using primarily locally sourced ingredients, Sion is passionate about supporting small businesses in rural communities.

Already relying on direct trade to reach small producers to source ingredients like cinnamon powder, turmeric,virgin coconut oil and more, Sion hopes to expand this approach and reach other small vendors and help their businesses grow! While most of their ingredients such as lavender flowers that come from an organic farmer in Nuwara Eliya are sourced in this manner, there are some exceptions such as olive oil and a few essential oils that still have to be imported due to lack of availability in the country.

Apart from the goal to provide natural, eco-friendly alternatives, Sion also started
Moonshadow with the goal to support women, particularly mothers, in rural Sri Lanka. “The concept was to set up a workshop in someone's home, someone that was highly motivated to learn and stand on her own two feet. We started with one mother, Megamali, and together we learned and worked on products and eventually set up a workshop. We now employ three women who work from home and we are set to grow further this year. We offer flexibility with work schedules, as much time off as they need, honest pay, skills training and
more. More than the environmental aspects, I’ve always believed it’s important to support people who are motivated,” explained Sion.

With the help of his small team, Sion ensures every step of manufacturing Moonshadow products from formulation to production, packaging and labeling is carried out in house in an environmentally conscious manner. The packaging used is primarily biodegradable, reusable and recyclable, but finding sustainable packaging for certain products has been a challenge and Sion has had to use components of plastic for a limited amount of products to ensure the constitution of the product is not damaged. However, he is actively looking for alternatives for these few products and hopes to make a swap soon!

With a great couple of years under their belt, Sion and the rest of the dynamic and innovative Moonshadow team have a lot up their sleeve for 2019 with several new products in the pipeline. While Moonshadow plays an active role in raising awareness on living a more accountable and environmentally conscious lifestyle, Sion’s hope is that he’ll start seeing more vendors making the swap to more healthy, less packaged and less processed goods with an overall greener approach encompassing every single part of the supply chain!


“Spend time in nature. Get to know her, have a relationship with her. Love her. When you love nature, you’ll be motivated to protect her.”

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