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Dharshan Ramasamy of Miracle morning


A motivating story of an amazing come back, Dharshan Ramasamy was a renowned rugby player who won a number of awards when playing for his school and was also in the Sri Lankan national pool as well. When a sports injury sent him into an early retirement from a game that his life revolved around, it threw everything off balance and kept him from living the active and healthy lifestyle that he was used to. Feeling lethargic and unhealthy after having gained weight, Dharshan was not ready to accept this as his new life and fought back with physiotherapy to help him recover from his sports injury, while working out regularly at the gym, as well as learning gymnastics and dancing- a passion that changed the course of his life when it led him to Zumba!

One of the pioneers of Zumba in Sri Lanka, Dharshan threw himself into learning more about living a healthier lifestyle and started paying close attention to his nutrition after being introduced to this energetic and fun fitness programme! “After I started Zumba, I actually started thinking about the food I was eating and the products I use. I would now even spend time reading the ingredients list before I made a purchase. I spent a lot of my spare time researching and developing the right diet plan for my body. For most of us our meals usually depend on what is easy and quick to prepare, instead of the actual nutrition value and the health risks associated with it. For instance, almost 90% of Sri Lankan food includes refined carbs which are associated with obesity, heart disease and type diabetes,” said Dharshan.

On a mission to help others reach their weight loss goals and adopt a healthier lifestyle too, Dharshan conducts an evaluation and provides a meal plan to all students that are registered at his Zumba Studio. Apart from this, he also provides key information such as where specific food items can be purchased in Sri Lanka (something that be can be extremely tough when you’re on a ketogenic diet) and also introduced his students to Stevia- a natural sweetener which can be used to replace sugar that he is the official distributor for in Sri Lanka, along with a miracle working, homemade product to boost their energy and support weight loss that is now retailing under the brand name Miracle Morning.

Using traditional recipes handed down for years through his family, Dharshan created his new range of all natural products, Miracle Morning with the active ingredient moringa which is widely regarded as a superfood! “My grandmother used to give us a spoon of moringa powder extract every time I was coming in for the flu to improve my immune system or just when I needed a boost of energy. At the time we didn’t know the actual health benefits of it, but we knew it worked, so I chose to combine moringa leaf powder with cinnamon and raw honey which both also have a number of health benefits too for overall health and to boost energy which is crucial for staying active and achieving weight loss goals,” explained Dharshan.

Miracle Morning is available in a liquid form which contains moringa extract with raw honey and cinnamon, as well as in powder form that combines just moringa and cinnamon powders as there are some that do not like honey. Both options should be taken daily first thing in the morning and have great unbelievable health benefits resulting from the high levels of antioxidants, calcium, magnesium and amino acids it contains making it great for your skin, heart health, weight loss and will help you feel energised making it a great alternative to other commercial energy boosters that have a number of side-effects.

Dharshan sources his moringa leaf powder from a Good Market supplier and the other ingredients from local vendors, but his long term goal is to create a moringa cultivation in a rural community to create jobs out of Colombo and then export the moringa leaf powder overseas. It is important to remember that all Miracle Morning products contain absolutely no preservatives, fillers or flavours and it completely all natural. Keeping with his passion for sustainability, Dharshan made sure that the products are packaged in reusable glass bottles with no use of plastic as well.

“What I would like to see happen is for more people in Sri Lanka to understand that the healthy lifestyle takes discipline - if you say you’re going to workout at 6 a.m, make sure you wake up and workout at 6 a.m! Also, I can’t stress the importance of nutrition enough. You can’t eat what you want and live a healthy lifestyle. Pay attention to everything that goes into your body, not just your regular meals but the snacks you have between your meals too,” said Dharshan.

Committed to constantly evolving, Dharshan is involved with several new projects directly related to the fitness industry and others in different industries too. While he’s branching into different areas, his main interest will always be in the health and fitness arena, and as such you can expect a lot of new natural products being released by him soon!

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