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While many are interested in following a holistic lifestyle, not enough people actually understand what it means. “For instance there are plenty of people who follow a juice detox once a week, while still eating meat, use chemical based products regularly and follow a very stressful lifestyle, but still expect to see epic improvements in their health - there’s going to be none” said the Founder of Kiseki, an all natural, eco-friendly, holistic wellness store.

Wishing to be referred to only as Kiseki in the article,this eco-warrior is on a mission to increase awareness of what it means to live a holistic and natural based lifestyle. Her primary goal is to inspire others to awaken from their state of sleep caused by the low vibrations that most of us operate at and instead raise our vibrations to reach our true potential of living as multidimensional beings that have the power to create our own reality- but how do you achieve this?

Living a holistic life is all about seeing the bigger picture where our body is our number one tool, and understanding that our mind, body and soul are connected. Essentially, we are all connected and our collective consciousness along with those of the animals and plants that inhabit our planet are what gives Mother Earth her consciousness. Kiseki explained that we often brush off the theory that we are being controlled and manipulated, but this is far more real than we would like to believe! She believes that the illuminati or controlling world bodies create natural disasters and chaos to cause us all to vibrate at a lower level- which in turn results in it being easier to control and brainwash us. Kiseki explained, that “often the illuminati create a net using signal towers that operate inconspicuously as telephone towers and result in large numbers of us being affected and our vibrations being reduced.” This is what causes so many people to constantly live in a state of anger, jealousy, depression and not the way we were intended to be - but how do you break free?

“The only way to break free is by raising your own vibrations to a higher level which interrupts any control they could have on you and it is possible” said Kiseki. One such way to do this is with crystals which have naturally high frequencies and have been proven to restore and regenerate powerful vibrations amongst people who use them. Kiseki makes bracelets herself using natural healing crystals she sources from overseas and sells them at a very reasonable price at her store. Focused on increasing the vibrations of the collective consciousness of the planet, Kiseki gets a very small profit from this and runs her natural wellness store more as a service, than as a business as her main goal is to do her part in
releasing others from this bond.

“Eating food not intended for our bodies to consume such as meat and dairy, along with using chemical filled products and vaccines play a major role in our bodies being more susceptible and our vibrations being lowered,” explained Kiseki. As such, all products offered at her store are completely natural and chemical free. She’s also a huge advocate of veganism and wishes more people would do there own research to open their eyes to how many health risks are associated with using animal based products.

Her own journey towards a holistic lifestyle was one born out of frustration and
disappointment. Having struggled with acne for most of her life, Kiseki had tried everything from cleanups and microdermabrasions to expensive medicines and all the famous skin specialists in Colombo - but none of them were able to give her a solution.

“I was working in the TV industry at the time and even had a famous skin specialist tell me that I would have to choose between wearing makeup, which was a must for work and curing my acne.” Faced with this dilemma and having spent so much on skincare already, Kiseki turned to the internet to discover more about natural skincare and this was when she got her breakthrough or her ‘Kiseki’ which means miracle in Japanese.

After digging deep Kiseki soon realised that her acne was more of a blessing than a curse- it was her warning sign, her body’s way of letting her know that she was eating the wrong food, using too many chemical products and overall living an unhealthy life. She’s one of the lucky few who do receive these signs, as most often people see nothing and don’t realize they’re a ticking time bomb waiting to explode.

Once she made this discovery, Kiseki decided it was time to make some drastic changes to her lifestyle. Apart from giving her up her huge love for meat and instead becoming a passionate vegan, Kiseki learnt more about natural based skincare products from research and started making it for herself. She also started digging deep into the meaning of a holistic lifestyle and started using healing crystals to correct her vibrations too. With these changes made to her mind, body and spirit, Kiseki started seeing an improvement that she would never have expected just a few months before and she’s never looked back since then!

Always one to share, she wanted nothing more than to help others see the same change in their own lives and set up her healthy lifestyle store with this in mind. Her products range from healing jewellery and natural skin care products such as hard wax which is made from 100% natural ingredients to the menstrual cup which is a very convenient, eco-friendly, comfortable and most importantly leak-free substitute to wearing pads and tampons!


“It’s time to wake up Starseeds! Let’s radiate love, light, peace, joy and gratitude.”

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