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Arun Loganathan- Iris Garden



From electrical engineer to Founder and CEO of Iris Garden, a company that manufacturers organic beauty products, the extremely humble and unassuming Arunprasanth Loganathan’s story is nothing short of mind-blowing and is truly an inspiring read for not just a new entrepreneur, but just about anyone!

When he first started Iris Garden in November 2016, Arun had no idea that his small business that was almost a “let’s see how it goes” venture, would become so successful in just two years - no easy feat with just one product in their range! Not only did he break even within just three months of starting, but with a bottle of Fuller's Earth Facial Pack being sold every fifteen minutes and with customers in sixty odd countries, Arun soon found that Iris Garden was doing so well that he no longer needed to work at his day job and chose to give it up in order to focus more on developing Iris Garden.

A family business in every sense, Arun explained that the family recipe he uses to prepare the organic face mask was handed down over the years and actually dates back to being used by queens as part of their beauty care routine for youthful, glowing complexions and the treatment of blemishes. Having worked so well for his mother and sisters, Arun watched his family’s beauty secret become increasingly popular amongst his sister’s friends and it was at this point that he thought he should take a leap of faith and give it a shot as a business!

A smart businessman, Arun and his mother manufacture over thousand bottles of Fullers Earth Facial Park a month from an area they’ve setup in their own home. Containing just fullers earth, turmeric and gram flour, this completely all-natural facial pack has been tested extensively by the pioneer scientific research and development organisation in Sri Lanka, ITI Sri Lanka. Completely organic, there are no chemical you need to worry about and it has already won the love of heaps of customers who share their experiences with the product on the Iris Garden social media channels.




This ancient combination of some of Mother Nature’s best ingredients work together to diminish pore size, reduce acne marks and blemishes, remove sun tan, whiteheads and blackheads, while also improving your overall complexion- you just can’t go wrong with this!

Focused on learning more about the cosmeceutical industry and natural beauty products, Arun spends a lot of his free time reading about naturopathy and organic formulations in the beauty industry. A big believer in not remaining stagnant in today’s constantly evolving business world, Arun is focused on taking Iris Garden to the next level by introducing new products to their already successful organic, natural beauty line. Customers can expect to see a new hair oil, soap and a face scrub join the Iris Garden product range next year, along with some new initiatives to offer more pricing options to make it accessible to all.

Arun’s formula for transforming a family beauty secret into a successful business is not complicated, but actually very simple. He didn’t waste time in limbo, he set out a plan for the product, invested Rs.300,000 to get started, worked according to his plan diligently and as mentioned earlier he broke even in just three months! A lot of others would have considered starting small with just a Facebook page and not a website for online orders, but not Arun- his plan was different. From the get go, he knew he wanted to target international customers too, so he created a fully functional website using Wordpress with the help of a friend so that he could undertake international orders and also setup a carefully targeted digital marketing plan that has played a key role in Iris Garden’s success!

Apart from being available at Goodmarket, Iris Garden products are also now available for purchase on Sri Lanka’s first healthy lifestyle online store, JustGoodness where you can pay cash on delivery!

If you’ve got a idea for a business, but you’re just not sure if you have what it takes to make it happen, our advice to you is believe in yourself the way Arun did and take that first step- once you do, you’ll find that it’s not as hard as you thought it would be!


“You have to think anyway, so why not think big? It’s all in your mind!” 

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