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The humble beginnings of Helinta make the joy of its success now all the sweeter for its founder, Piyumi Nanayakkara! Making a limited profit at the start, Piyumi singlehandedly ran all aspects of Helinta from the development and manufacturing through to marketing and finance. No easy task, there were many times this determined entrepreneur wondered if it was worth it, but she stuck through it by holding onto her belief in the quality of her products. Knowing that her range of cosmetics and personal care products were unique, Piyumi worked day and night to give it her all, believing this all natural and eco-friendly brand would one day be a success and she was certainly correct!

“I was always creative as a child and was very interested in experimenting and
developing new things which in turn led me to complete a degree in Biochemistry,
Microbiology and Genetics. Always fascinated by aromas and herbal products, as
well as having worked in the cosmetics industry, the path to creating Helinta Spa
Products came very naturally to me and was something that I was very passionate about,” explained Piyumi.

Committed to providing customers with personal care products that were effective
and safe, Piyumi was passionate about making certain that all Helinta products were eco-friendly and vegetarian based with no animal derivatives! Free from acohol and harmful toxins such as artificial colours, triethanolamine, parabens and more, Piyumi spent hours researching and then carefully engineering the products to reveal the true beauty of its users without any harmful side-effects.

Having first started with a range of handmade, natural soaps in a range of colours
and shapes that she manufactured herself, Piyumi soon went onto develop an extensive collection of products that now span everything from hair care to shower gels, body lotions and even 100% pure beeswax candles and massage oils- all of which are free of artificial colours, fragrances and additives.

Carefully developed and monitored by professional biochemists, Piyumi has slowly but surely grown her business since it’s inception as a small, home-based startup to now manufacturing on a commercial scale where Helinta products are used purchased commercially by several hotels and guesthouses too! “Today I have a factory and a team of dedicated staff to assist me in my range of soaps, scrubs, shampoos, toners and a variety of personal care and cosmetics products. We also provide guest room amenities to over 35 villas and hotels,” explained Piyumi.

Passionate about supporting and growing local industries, a lot of the ingredients
used in creating Helinta products are sourced locally from some small and large
scale vendors. Having said that, there are still some raw materials that are not
available in Sri Lanka and need to be imported. In these cases, Piyumi is forced to import these items to ensure the quality of the product is not compromised, but that doesn’t stop her from constantly being on the lookout for ways to make these
ingredients available locally.

Though the Helinta team has grown significantly since its beginnings, Piyumi is
committed to playing a big role in all aspects of the company and still spends countless hours researching natural blends for new products and other ways to grow the brand effectively!

With many new developments in the works for this year, one of the biggest
initiatives was making Helinta product packaging more eco-friendly. With this in
mind, Piyumi recently made the switch from plastic to biodegradable, reusable and recyclable packaging with glass jars for most Helinta products and plans to keep this initiative going till all products have been converted!

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"Start small. Start with passion. Give it your all. There would be times that
your challenges will make you want to give up. But keep moving forward. You will fly."


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