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Divine organics, honey, bees honey, kithul treacle


It’s not often that you come across people like Arjun Gunawardene- passionate, focused and so committed to making a difference locally and globally! An environmentalist and conversationalist since his early college days, Arjun is not one to be content in his comfort zone and instead steps off the beaten path to travel from the arid inhospitable parts of the country to the lush wet zone forest areas of Sri Lanka to raise awareness of the importance of wildlife conservation and the preservation of natural resources through the use of natural farming and other less destructive cultivation methods.

It was through the experiences of Arjun’s time traveling in these remote areas, that Divine Organics first began- built on the mission to support the “alleviation of poverty and suffering” in the many rural communities that he came across in Sri Lanka. “Divine Organics is a personal endeavor and an investment in humanity. Our main goal for Divine Organics is to uplift the lives of marginalized minorities and create a culture of entrepreneurship amongst the youth by providing training in skill sets that are useful to them in consideration of the types of resources readily available to them at a local level”, explained Arjun.

Working towards this, Divine Organics kicked off with a plan to keep things simple, local and sustainable while following a community based shared social framework that was built to:
● Create sustainable forest management that supported the development of natural ecosystems and the upliftment of rural economic and social conditions.

● Provide Sri-Lankans with easy access to organic food products that are affordable and completely eco-friendly.

● Developing employment, economic security and the spirit of entrepreneurship
among rural youth by exporting local produce to developed markets.

divine organics, honey, bees honey, kithul treacle


The Divine Organics handcrafted line of natural sweeteners includes kithul jaggery, treacle, and raw bees honey- all of which are sourced locally to sustain local communities. By choosing to swap refined white sugar (which contains harmful bleaching agents and is harmful to our overall health. especially the health of our main organs) with natural sweeteners, you will receive a number of health benefits. For instance, recent studies have shown that kithul jaggery possesses antioxidants and anti-hyperglycemic properties that support detoxification, boosts your immunity, prevents joint pain and much more. Apart from this, kithul jaggery does not cause spikes in your blood sugar levels, instead, it’s released at a slow regular pace to ensure you have more than enough energy to perform your tasks throughout the day!

It is Arjun’s intention that when consumers purchase products from the Divine Organics collection of boutique natural sweeteners, that they know they are making a difference not just in terms of their own health, but by supporting the environment and empowering these far out, rural communities. “99% of our produce is sourced at the point of extraction– collected by a community of dedicated individuals engaged in its most traditional form since generations before them. We protect and amputate “foreign” influences receding into these
art forms and have reverted back to ancient apparatus and tools in extraction and
preparation– keeping the recipes whole and authentic. This is a strict code of standards that we maintain to ensure the product is the same as was originally distilled”, said Arjun.

Committed to keeping the environment safe and plastic-free, Divine Organics products are packaged in-house in a controlled environment using only fully recyclable and eco-friendly materials while also following a 3-point check for hygiene alone- Arjun will have it no other way! Always looking for ways to improve, Arjun explained that his next goal for Divine Organics is to apply for GMP standards and USDA organic certification in order to further streamline processes, lower costs to market and ensure a high level of hygiene!

Focused on making Divine Organics the leaders of natural sweeteners in Sri Lanka within the next three years, Arjun is not ready to take a break!. Apart from constantly looking for ways to improve the existing natural sweeteners, you can also expect an exciting array of well-researched, natural products based on local culture and traditions to join the diverse Divine Organics collection in 2019!


“Compassion is not religious business, it is human business, it is not luxury, it is essential for our own peace and mental stability, it is essential for human survival”   

                                               -Dalai Lama

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