Array & Tibb Un Nabawi- Aysha Khalid

If you’re always on the lookout for safe, all natural food products without
preservatives and synthetic flavouring, chances are you have definitely made a
purchase or several for that matter from Array; a small family business that are now famous for their range of handpicked and naturally processed nut butters and

When Array’s founder, Aysha Khalid faced some health concerns a few years ago
she made a decision to adopt a healthier, natural lifestyle for herself and her family. Not knowing where to start, Aysha turned to books and the Internet to learn more about natural remedies and it was at this time that she began to dig deeper into a prophetic medicines and research on the results that people have been getting from them - a path that led to the start of her first business called Tibb Un Nabawi.

A form of natural treatment that has grown in popularity in Sri Lanka, prophetic
medicines are based on the religious teaching (hadith) of the Islamic Prophet
Mohammed and have been followed for centuries. Focused on sickness, treatment, nutrition and hygiene, prophetic medicines are based on the words and actions that followers believe were gifted by God to his final prophet by revelation and provides true healing to the soul and body.

Researching with the help of her husband Imran Razeek whose background as a
chemistry teacher meant he was able to provide a lot of support with research, along with speaking to doctors that specialise in prophetic medicines, Aysha was able to learn more about the main prophetic medicines that have proven to be successful for centuries. “For instance, in the case of loss of appetite, Prophet Mohammed frequently advised his followers to take talbina, a preparation made with barley. While for constipation, senna was recommended and regular use of honey was also favoured to keep your body healthy and fit,” said Aysha. Similarly, for different ailments a range of natural remedies were recommended, quite a few of which are also recommended in ayurveda and other forms of natural treatment in Sri Lanka such as olives,dates, black seeds, vinegar, Henna and Lubaan.

A very interesting prophetic medicine that is nothing short of amazing is a powerful herb known as Costus. Apart from being a prophetic medicine, costus is also widely recommended in naturopathy as its oil extract is considered to be a highly effective natural alternative to antibiotics and is a completely safe option for children and adults - especially in a time where antibiotic resistant bugs are on the rise caused by the overuse of pharmaceutical antibiotics.

Having to struggle to find many of these prophetic medicines when she was first
searching for her, Aysha started Tibb Un Nabawi after first making most of the
products she offers on a personal level for herself and her family. When she saw the interest and the number of others who were looking for the same products, Aysha began Tibb Un Nabawi with the support of her husband to meet this need and wanted it to be less of a business and more of a way to do service by raising
awareness of prophetic medicines and making these miraculous remedies available to more people.

Using ingredients that she sources locally from her group of trusted vendors, as well as from doctors that specialise in prophetic medicines, Aysha manufactures her products much like she does with her range at Array which came as a second step after her research led her to the numerous health benefits of natural nut butters and spreads - on her own at home.

“I think a lot more people have started to become aware of the dangers of using
products with chemicals such as flavouring and colouring etc. Having become more concerned about living a healthy life, most people don’t have have the time to make their own natural products and that is why both Array and Tibb Un Nabawi was started - to help make natural, chemical free food products and prophetic medicines available to everyone at an affordable price,” explained Aysha.

When it comes to her nut butters and spread she sources only from the very best
vendors and uses handpicked nuts for her all-natural, chemical free raw cacao
spread which has been a hit in the fitness circuit due to its numerous health benefits. Array’s range of spreads include sesame cacao butter for those allergic to peanuts and a tahini paste which is made from sesame seeds, virgin coconut oil and Himalayan salt. . The sheer versatility of these products is the main reason that Array has been so successful in just a year - the cacao spreads can be eaten on seeded bread for a delicious breakfast or can even be used to make healthy
cupcakes, cookies and breakfast bars, while the tahini spread is delicious when used as a salad dressing, a dip or to make hummus.

"My goal through my range Tibbun Nabawi is to revive the use of prophetic remedies in Sri Lanka and increase awareness of it by making these powerful natural medicines easily accessible."

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