Why It’s Best To Keep Your Shoes Outside The House

If you’re like me, then this is definitely one of the things that must have crossed your mind. It has become common place in most households to keep shoes outside the house and while this may just seem like a habit that grows over time, it is definitely the logical thing to do.

Just like you probably had that look of surprise on your face when you learnt that your keyboard was one of the dirtiest items you own, you would definitely like to understand why keeping your shoes outside your home may not just be the cleaner option, but also the safer way to go for both you and your family.

Why You Should Have A No-Shoes Inside The House Rule


    The first and most obvious reason would be to stop the dirt that our shoes bring into the house. 

    When you spend all day walking around in all sorts of terrain, it is only normal for your shoes to gather up some of the vilest and disgusting items. What happens when you bring this in with you and match right into your living room? You essentially take a sample size of all the dirt from where you have been and let them rest where you eat, breathe and live. As this begins to spread, you create an unsafe environment riddled with toxin and harmful bacteria. No matter how hard you may try to wipe your shoes before going in with them, some are definitely bound to come along. Therefore it makes it a lot better to just leave them separately outside the house.

    Leaving your shoes outside reduces contaminants in the house.

    While bringing dirt in may be a really big deal, having all sorts of harmful bacteria may be an even bigger threat. It is almost impossible to prevent bacteria from getting in with your shoes especially when you have spent the day moving around. When we walk, we unconsciously step into the constituents of things that we are not aware of. This means that we can unknowingly bring in very harmful toxins with us without being aware. The solution to this is easy. Simply create a special cabinet outside the house so visitors and family members can drop off their shoes before they proceed to walk in.

    It helps to improve the smell of your house.

    While this may be one topic that a lot of people find awkward, it is one that must be stated. Different people have different kinds of feet hygiene and when you mash that up together with some sweat and lots of hours, you can be exposed to some of the most putrid smells you may have ever experienced. Is it really worth it to risk having that smell in your house knowing how difficult it could be to expel? Definitely not! Interestingly, going barefoot has shown to be beneficial to the overall health and structure of your feet. Not only does it improve circulation, but it also helps to eliminate the constrictions and stimulate the feet’s pressure points.

    If you have not been operating this system, then it is definitely time to have a quick rethink. Of course, it might not be possible to make an abrupt switch in a day as it will take some getting used to. But it will require some effort on your part to ensure that everyone adheres to your house rules and your health will certainly thank you for it!

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