What Your Poop Says About Your Digestive Gut Health

Did you know that your poop has a direct correlation to your overall state of wellbeing? Surprising isn’t it? While this is not a subject that is very popular in the mainstream, it is one that has a lot of relevance and cannot be overlooked. While most of us may not have the time or attention really to notice what our poop looks like and whether there are any strange occurrences during our “poop times,” scientists have proven that our poop is the biggest tell on how our digestive system processes food.

If you have ever been to the hospital for a full body medical checkup, then you are definitely no stranger to the sample bottle that is designed to examine the constituents of your excrement. Certain factors like the consistency, shape, and even texture help to tell the state of your gut biome. These are basically the bacteria living in your gut that are instrumental in maintaining a healthy digestive system.

How to Examine Your Poop

Now this may sound like such a funny topic seeing as it relates to a subject that is entirely new to most people. However, there are a few things that you need to look out for in order to ensure that your digestive system is properly functioning.

    How consistent are your bowel movements?

    The first and most important determinant is to observe just how frequent your bowel movements are. It is only natural for the body to expel waste and the normal frequency ranges from pooping 1-3 times a day. This suggests that when you begin to notice extremely frequent bowel movements or little to none at all, then you can understand that you might be having some subtle health issues and need to see a doctor.

    What does your poop look like and how easy are your bowel movements?

    It is also important to understand that excessive straining when on the toilet could mean more problems that we can imagine. Of course, we have all had “sessions” where it seemed like an uphill battle but when you experience constant straining and pushing when going then you definitely want to get yourself checked. To take things a bit further, do you know what your poop looks like? This might sound a bit strange but it is exactly what to expect when you are having a serious conversation about poop. The Bristol Stool Chart is based on solid research and tells us what a normal poop should look like in both size, texture and consistency. Basically, your stools should be soft and smooth…almost like a sausage.

    How thorough are your bowel movements?

      Have you ever had that feeling of total satisfaction where you just finished from the toilet and are quite sure you got it all? This would be referred to as a full evacuation. However, if you always feel like there are remnants then all is definitely not well with your gut.

      So there you have it, when you can comfortably check all these items off your checklist then you can be rest assured that your gut is in the best condition possible. However, if you err on one or two of these, then it might be time to start eating properly (a more fiber filled diet), drinking more water and consuming some probiotics. So when next you go to the toilet, I’m sure you know exactly what to look out for!

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