The Shocking Truth: How Plastic Damages Your Health

Damages of plastic


Constantly exposed to plastic, it would be a daunting task to have to name everyday products that do not contain plastic or at at least some form of it. While there are plenty of obvious items containing plastic, plastic polymers or resins like Styrofoam, food containers, or straws, there are still numerous ones that are not so easy to spot such as cosmetics, toothpastes, adhesives, lubricants, detergents and more. While the damaging effects of this non biodegradable material on the environment is often highlighted, not enough attention is paid to the damage it causes to our health. Keep reading and we guarantee you’ll want to live a plastic -free life after the first few paragraphs!

Plastic or phthalate as it’s called in science has been named one the world’s number one pollutants. Not just for the damage it causes the environment with research showing that plastic remains in the environment for over 2000 years and is hazardous to animals and the ecosystem, but also for how damaging it is to us, humans! Did you know that clinical trials carried out over the last couple of years have shown that there are over 10,000 to 1,000,000 times higher levels of plasticizers in our bodies than any other toxins?

The shocking truth is that there are repercussions for these high levels of plastic, that we often tend to brush under the carpet. For instance, research has proven that phthalates have a negative effect on the chemistry of fatty acids, namely DHA which is a fundamental part of the cell membranes found in our bodies. Once your DHA and other fatty acids have been affected, you will notice in a drastic reduction in your brain health especially in terms of memory and recollection.

A crucial part of your body’s ability to fight cancer, catalase plays an important role in consuming the hydrogen peroxide that cancer cells release which would otherwise support them to grow in size and spread widely. Phthalates or plastic inhibit your body’s creation of catalase and this usually results in cancer returning in a large scale after a period of remission.

Apart from being directly linked to causing zinc deficiency which in turn could lead to many complications like indigestion, depression, heart disease, cancer, diabetes and accelerated aging, phthalates have also been found to dramatically reduce peroxisomes in our bodies which is needed for the natural control of cholesterol. While extended use of products with phthalates leads to elevated levels of cholesterol, increasing the risk factor of heart disease it inhibits cholesterol from forming the “happy hormones” (neurotransmitters) of our brains


In summary, while plastic comes in many forms and can be considered a convenient and useful material, there are some serious damaging effects on human health that cannot be ignored. The main reason that people are discouraged from living a plastic-free life is the lack of alternatives, but in the last couple of years there has been a huge improvement in this avenue. With everything from bamboo toothbrushes, cloth shopping bags and reusable menstrual cups to toxin free laundry detergent, cosmetics and much more, there are plenty of natural products now available in Sri Lanka to help you live a healthy and happy life!

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