The Do’s and Don’ts of Grilling

We all enjoy a deliciously barbecued steak or rib or even any other food that could be grilled. However, things could go south really quickly when you don’t have a proper handle on what you should be doing at the grill. It may seem really simple, all you need is an open fire, the meat and a metal grate and you could turn any piece into a deliciously cooked food item right? Wrong!

While these are the basic things you need, it is important to understand that both safety and skill is required to have that excellent taste that we all know and love. So here are a few things you should always keep in mind when setting out to have the best barbecue.


The Things You Should DO


    1. Always clean the grill before use

    Whether you are grilling the same piece of meat or other food items, you should always ensure that the grill is well cleaned so that whatever stale taste that may linger can be removed. Of course, the heat may burn out whatever remnant that is left but the last thing you want is to confuse your taste buds instead of getting that uniformity and delicious taste you deserve for all your hard work.

    2. Know the difference between direct heat and indirect heat

    Different foods require different methods of grilling. Direct heat is more suited to quick cooking foods as it is easier for the heat to get through without leaving some parts burnt and others undone. On the other hand, when it comes to slow cooking foods like whole birds, racks of ribs and large roasts, you want to use indirect heat to allow it heat evenly.

    3. Learn how to time the period during which the food should be left on the grill

    It’s easy to let foods overcook if you are not aware of how long they should stay. Always endeavor to let the food stay long enough to soften and darken the surface without having it get burnt or gather soot. Also prevent excessive turning in order to avoid breakage.


    The Things You Should NOT DO


      1. Do not douse the charcoal with lighter fluid or other flammables

      This will be counterintuitive as the result will probably be a piece of food that smells and tastes like sucking a gas pipe. Yes, it will take a long time for the fluid to burn off and it will get on your food rendering it inedible. A little bit is perfect, just don’t dump the entire can!

      2. Don’t slice the food while grilling

      When you do this, the delicious juices that makes it savory runs out, essentially removing the taste you want. This goes hand in hand with not skimping out on the ingredients. You want to ensure that you have just enough to bring out the natural flavors in the food without becoming too overpowering that it losses it original taste.

      3. Be patient and attentive

      This could be tough especially when you are having guests over but you want to ensure that you give your food the time it needs to prepare and the attention it requires to ensure that you don’t end up with briquettes instead of kebabs.

      These are the basic things to note when setting out to grill. Barbecues could fun until they are not. So take the extra time to learn what you need to do and have a happy grilling.

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