Have You Introduced Flax Seeds to Your Baby?

Flax seeds hold a great many number of health benefits. They have been revered as some kind of wonder food for a while and is done rightfully so as they are a healthy food source that provides the body with lots of nourishment that it needs. Flax seeds are obtained from the flax plants which is a flowering perennial. The seeds of this beautiful plant are known for their healthy oils and good source of fibre, among other food groups necessary for development. The three most vital components of flax seeds that make them such a healthy food substance are the soluble and insoluble Fibers, Lignans and Omega 3 oils.


When Should You Give Your Baby Flax Seeds?

While this may be great for adults, it is also important to investigate how much benefits it can bring when incorporated into your baby’s diet. According to pediatricians, the best time to incorporate flax seeds into your baby’s diet would be right around the 7-8 months old mark. At this point, they can begin to take flax seeds in very small quantities either as flax oils or flax meals. The key here is to ensure that you do not go overboard when feeding you child with it. Of course, being a food substance, one cannot really “overdose” on it. However, it is important that you maintain a dose of 2-3 teaspoons per day as it could act as a laxative when taken in large amounts.


Health Benefits of Flax Seeds

It Helps to Reduce Inflammations

ALA and lignans, which are two components found in flax seeds have shown to be very effective in reducing and preventing inflammations. This is as a result of their high levels of pro-inflammatory agents that also help in reducing plaque buildup in the arteries, thereby reducing the risk of heart attack and strokes in adults.

Improves Cardiovascular Health

Omega 3 is a healthy fatty acid that helps to boost heart health. As a result of its high levels of Omega 3, flax seeds are highly effective in eliminating cardiovascular diseases. It executes this action by a combination of its anti-inflammatory properties and its blood pressure lowering effects. This means that consuming more amounts of flax seeds helps people with heart conditions and would also help eliminate risks of heart problems in people who are prone to such.

Helps with Cancer

While this may still be in its investigative stages, flax seeds may have anti-cancer properties that could help protect against certain kinds of cancer. Its component ALA and Liginin may have protective properties against colon cancer, breast cancer and prostate cancer. It is also high in antioxidant which are very useful properties in the fight against cancer.

Flax seeds come with a wide range of benefits. They are also healthy for your baby, but you should ensure that your little one has attained at least 7 months of age before adding it to his/her diet. It is indeed safe and belongs to a great source of nutritious food group that will help in your baby’s development.

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