All About the Ketogenic Diet and Its Health Benefits


The Ketogenic Diet (also known as the Keto Diet) is one that has gained a lot of traction and attention over the past few years. Not only has it shown to be quite effective in its results, it also offers a common logical solution to one of the biggest health/diet problems we face in the world today: sugar levels and weight loss. With carbs being painted in a very bad light, the Keto Diet offers a great way to eat healthy without having to give up your favorite foods or swear off fats entirely.

What then is the Ketogenic Diet? Simply put, it is a diet that is high in fat and low in carbohydrates in order to reduce the body’s dependence on carbs for energy while creating a new energy source from the fat intake. Essentially, this high fat/low carb diet puts your body in a state of ketosis that lets you utilize the fat as a primary fuel source. These fat compounds used as energy are known as ketones as opposed to the carbohydras converted into glucose for use as energy.


What are the Benefits of the Ketogenic Diet?


It Controls Your Blood Sugar Levels

As a result of the food you eat when you are on a ketogenic diet, the fluctuations in energy and sugar levels in your body is brought to a bare minimum. By relying on ketone bodies rather than glucose for energy, the blood sugar levels begin to stabilize and other associative health problems like diabetes will begin to become alleviated.

The Ketogenic Diet Reduces Cravings, Lessens Your Appetite and Helps With Weight Loss

One of the biggest reasons why people are unable to maintain a diet is hunger. Interestingly, most of these cravings and hunger pangs are caused by the consumption of excessive carbs. Lots of studies have shown that when you consume more fats and proteins, it tends to have a significant effect in reducing your appetite. The direct effect of this is a significant progress in your weight loss efforts. This effect may not be entirely as a result of the lessened appetite alone but more of the excess water being eliminated from the body. When sugar levels are stabilized and insulin levels are lowered due to the low carb diet, your kidney automatically starts getting rid of the excess sodium which boosts a series of rapid weight loss that continues to progress over time.

An Improved Mental Focus and Dexterity

Studies have shown that an increase in the fat intake is highly beneficial to the brain’s function. A stable blood sugar level has a mood stabilizing effect and this is exactly what happens when your body is in ketosis. This reduction in blood sugar spikes helps with enhanced focus, concentration and productivity. Certain investigations are being made to confirm the validity of the claims that this diet help to protect the brain from mental illnesses while improving cognitive function. Whatever the case may be, the Keto Diet is a great place to start for better brain health.

The Ketogenic Diet has a wide range of other health benefits. From fighting off cancerous cells, to increasing good cholesterol, it is definitely effective at promoting an overall improvement in the body’s homeostasis. So even if you love carbs too much to eliminate it completely from your diet or are unable to part with your favorite juicy fats, then this diet is definitely for you.

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