5 Ways to Celebrate an Eco-Friendly and Natural Christmas

Eco-friendly gifts for Christmas


There are plenty of ways to celebrate the festive season in a more eco-friendly and greener way which doesn’t necessarily involve being a Scrooge. From up-cycling for Christmas gifts and wrapping to choosing natural, eco-friendly gifts and local vendors, here are some of the Just Goodness team’s favourite ways to make it a ‘green’ Christmas!


Eco-Friendly, Natural or Homemade Gifts

Ease off on the rampant consumerism and embrace a greener Christmas with eco-friendly, natural or homemade gifts such as:
● Handmade soap - so easy to make and you can use gum decorative moulds to
create beautifully shaped soaps such as starfish and shells etc.
● Natural body scrubs - a firm favourite that’s quick and easy to put together and
require just a few ingredients. Keep with the festive season and include cinnamon, peppermint, clove as a natural fragrance and don’t forget to present it in a glass jar, instead of a plastic container.
● Edible treats in a mason jar - are you great in the kitchen? Make your famous jam, chutney, brownies or just about anything else and add a couple of leftover ribbons as decoration around the mason jar and you’ve got a great Christmas treat ready to be gifted!

If you don’t have the time or frankly the energy to make your own natural and eco-friendly Christmas gifts, look for local eco-friendly vendors and purchase from them. For instance, Just Goodness offers a curated collection of all-natural, eco-friendly Christmas gift boxes that contain some of our all time favourite safe, completely natural brands that have no dangerous toxins or chemicals. Not only is the packaging made out of up-cycled cement bags that are hand painted by a group of women in Kandy, but a part of the profits from all sales goes towards Forests for the Future - a reforestation initiative in the Sinharaja rainforest.


Keep Food Waste to a Minimum

Resist the urge to splurge when food shopping and plan ahead. If you’re stocking up for the festive season or even just a specific holiday party, plan ahead, make a list and resist the urge to buy anything that’s not on that list. Try to choose the right quantities and even if you end up over-catering, don’t just bin what’s left but get creative with transforming leftovers - a fantastic way to create new meals, save money and cut waste!

Apart from trying to choose food that is not heavily packaged in plastic, also try your best to buy as much loose items as possible.


Bid Adieu to Regular Christmas Cards

Reduce your card footprint this year and send an ecard instead - not only will you be saving trees, but you’ll also be saving money! If you really must send a paper Christmas card, look for eco-friendly card options that are made from recycled materials or better yet, make your own!


Creative Christmas Trees

If you already own an artificial tree, don’t shop around for another one - make it last as long as possible but don’t forget to try to stick to DIY Christmas decorations like paper chains made from leftover coloured paper and other decor made from recycled saris etc instead of the typical Christmas baubles which are made from plastic, and often PVC which are not environmentally friendly at all.

Eventually when you’re replacing your artificial tree, opt for something different such as using recycled glass bottles, spray painted tins, books etc- very eco-friendly and oh so unique too!


Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping

Once you’ve chosen your natural, eco-friendly gifts, don’t forget to choose environmentally friendly gift wrapping too! Either make your own gift wrap from cloth or other recycled materials or simply reuse wrapping paper from gifts you’ve received.

To summarise, having an eco-friendly and natural Christmas isn’t as hard as you
think it would be! Essentially the easiest way to go about making it a greener festive season is by
● Choosing natural, eco-friendly gifts to share with your friends and family.
● Use recycled/ up-cycled materials to wrap your gifts.
● Limit food wastage by planning ahead and only purchasing food you need
instead of falling for all those Christmas food promotions around.
● Use natural, recycled materials to for tree decor and other Christmas decor

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