3 Shortcuts to Being Healthier in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is home to some of the exquisite scenery and beautiful locations. From the amazing people to its impeccable culture, one can easily decide to settle down in the country. However, living healthy is still something to consider especially if you are living in such a location with an amazing collection of enjoyable local cuisine and delicious recipes. How then can you live healthy in a place like Sri Lanka? While the bulk of the advice would be to try as much as possible to live an active lifestyle, we must all recognize the importance of eating the right diets.

Eating the right meals is great for the body. But most times, these right meals are not particularly meals that we all enjoy. This makes it difficult to stick to diets for a long term period as people often tend to return to the same old delicacies that they love. Well, in a country like Sri Lanka, where you have access to bountiful foods, and all kinds of fruits that you may want, it is easy to get stuck in a cycle of eating junk food and unhealthy eating habits that are dangerous to you in the long term. The key is to find healthy foods that you like while also making sure that you maintain good eating habits.


Here are 3 Shortcuts to Being Healthier in Sri Lanka


    1) Don’t eat a massive meal and then go to sleep right after

    While this may be common knowledge, not a lot of people understand the reason for it. Truth is, your body is wired to digest food in an upright position and laying down right after a heavy meal is counter intuitive to that process. This may be a bit difficult to follow religiously as most heavy high-fat meal seems to trigger that feeling of sleepiness. Therefore, you should always try as much as you can to sit upright or take a slow walk after resting a bit to allow the food to absorb easily.

    2) Skip the milk tea/coffee and replace it with warm lemon and honey instead

    This is quite straight forward as both lemon and honey are entirely non-processed beverages with a barrage of benefits. It is common for people to sweeten milk-tea and coffee with sugar which may be a bigger problem that we think. White sugar contains more complex sugars than honey and is extremely difficult to process in the body. Honey and lemon bring you great health benefits like antibacterial function, prevention of kidney stones, antioxidant properties, skin quality improvement and lots more. You can shop for organic wild harvested bees' honey here.

    3) Eat less rice and more vegetables

    Rice is a great source of energy in the form of carbohydrate, but it can become a problem if you eat too much of it. While it may be low in calories, it is also very high in carbohydrates which makes it adversely affect your sugar and insulin levels. A good way to go would be to replace the excess rice with more vegetables which provide your body with helpful nutrients and a wide range of vitamins to keep you strong and healthy. Another way is to replace rice with other grains and seeds that have better nutrients, more added advantages and are beneficial to overall health. You can shop for these here.

    Revamping your diet is always a good idea but also remember to incorporate health lifestyle changes across all aspects of your life. Stay safe and live healthy in Sri Lanka!

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